Hi my absolute favorite new perfume company!! 😊 I just received my second batch of perfume oils. I have 30 now!! LOL I have to use some of them up before I get more because I'm running out of space but they are the most beautiful scents I've ever smelled!! My suggestion is PLEASE never ever stop making them and please stay in business forever!! I just had to tell you that you guys are awesome. 😀 I got both of my packages so fast, packaged beautifully and I could not be happier, honestly. Thank you so much!!😀👍🌸🌺

Patti G.


Just wanted to thank you for all your awesome products. your products are so good and is a big part of our Holidays. as a father of six i want to also thank you for keeping your prices low in times like these. it means so much for families just like mine that are struggling and with Christmas coming.

Aurthur S.


Got my order today, well packaged, nothing broken, THANK YOU!!! I am a happy customer!!! love the scents, just what I expected.  pleasure doing business with you :)

Anne R.


No thank you sweetie you have been a great help eveytime I've emailed you. For the years that we have been with you all we have been pleased with your company. Keep up the good work and thank you again for letting the fragrance technician to keep the oils strong!! Have a blessed week/weekend.

Ronna C.


Just received my first order of fragrance oils and I am VERY satisfied! I have been burned in the past by vendors whose fragrances are nowhere near the scent they purport; you guys are SPOT ON! I started with a smaller volume as a test drive, but I will certainly be buying more in the near future. Thank you so much!!!

Mark M.


Love this company! Sarah was greatly helpful, and knowledgeable about your products!! Lifetime customer made today!!

Arlene W.


I give The Common Scents 5 Gold Stars! I placed an order early on January 22nd (last Friday). The order arrived yesterday, Monday, January 25th! Each item wrapped ever so carefully for it's transit from Utah to Wisconsin. Each of the many essential oils I ordered are of remarkable quality! Well done!

Dan R.


Love the product, love the prices....I think for now I will just make it a plus with my customers orders.

Pamela M.


Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your butters. I love tbe fact that when I add my fragrances, you can actually smell it. Tbe texture is great and I am able to whip it to the consistency that I want. You will be my site that I will be ordering from all the time. So keep a look out for me and my future business, True Divaz Whipped Body Butter. Thank you. Smooches 

Sherry T.


While I was a little surprised at the shipping and handling fee being rather expensive after seeing how the bottles were wrapped for protection against breaking I understand why.
Very happy with your products, the ability to order different sizes and your price point even with the handling charges.



I love your product because it last very long  and smell the same of the originals i try other companies and they're not even close to yours 
so keep the good work .

John G.


I just received my shipment, and I'm extremely pleased at the products I've ordered, and the fast delivery service. Thank you again, and I look forward to ordering more products from you.

Conroy D.


I just wanted to take some time to compliment your organization on how well you treat your customers. I recently started my own fragrance and natural product company and I use your fragrances in the business. Each and every time I order from you guys the order is always accurate and arrives when it should. And sometimes it arrives early. I just wanted to stop and say thank you for all that you do. You don't have a lot of companies around with great customer service as well as deliver perfection. I mean my packages have never been damaged or anything. But anyway thanks again I'm definitely going to be a customer for life. Keep up the great work.

Candice A.


Just received my order, I have to say I absolutely love your products! Amazing scent, long lasting, super price. I will be sure to pass your webpage along to friend and family. You guys are amazing! Thanks you! I might even start to sell your products, that is just how much I am impressed. GREAT PRODUCT!GREAT COMPANY!

Jeremy O.


Placed an order on April 2 and got my items yesterday [6th]. I cannot be happier. The 1oz bottles of the perfume oil smell EXACTLY like my favorite perfumes. Although the candles don't give off much of the scent, I am blaming that on simply the size of the candle. I wish you had the bigger jar ones like Yankee Candle size I'd buy them in a heartbeat. I have already spread the word to everyone I know about your web site. Thank you so much!!

Rebecca L.


I just recently purchased several of your 1 oz. roll on bottles of perfume oils.I must say they are ALL a dead ringer to the original designer perfumes that I normally purchase at high end department stores. This was my first time ordering from your site, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical because the prices were so low, I was not expecting the high quality scents that I received. WOW! Your company is amazing! Not only does this stuff smell amazing, it lasts all day too! This has saved me a bundle, and I will continue to purchase from your site in the future. Thank you so much !!!! 

Deanna C.


A brand new customer, I took a chance on ordering The Common Scents Shalimar type products: cologne perfume spray, pure oil spray, roll-on pure oil, lotion, and body wash. Having received them today, it is my pleasure to convey my appreciation for the care in which Madelyn B. and Samantha S. processed my order. I couldn't wait to test the roll-on pure oil and cologne perfume spray. To my delight, I am quite impressed with the longevity and respectful projection of the scent. Quite familiar with the Guerlain scent profile and its development from top to base notes, I consider your version an extremely close parallel that I am proud to intermingle with the original Shalimar. While the original EDP may be fleeting, the Common Scents type will be a lasting reminder of its grandeur and elegance at a fraction of the cost. The integrity of your products makes perfect "scents" for me to reorder in the future. 

Patricia S.


THANK YOU for the oils.  I have you know that my memories have been relived and my boyfriend has not kept hands off of me.  The oils are everlasting and light.  Since spring is here I have several different choices I can pick from.  Thank you again.

Tatjana P.


First and foremost I really appreciate you responding so soon.  Most of the time that I have dealt with online companies it takes forever to get a response.  I really appreciate the replacement that you are sending, I didn't notify you for that but I do appreciate it. 
Right now I am not going to order anything else but I will be back to order again, especially with the great customer service you provided.
Thank you

Vicki R.


I just wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening to your "fans"/customers and giving us the option of SPRAY COLOGNE. I'm BEYOND excited as I just placed my order and can't wait to get it! It's been an ongoing slight ache for me to find the easiest way to make a spray perfume or cologne out of the AWESOME oils I have purchased from your company. Finding that "easy" recipe that doesn't include using vodka (lol) hasn't come easy for someone like me who just doesn't have the time... Again, thanks! 



Hello my name is Izell. I ordered some oils from this site for the first time last week and just got em in. To be honest I have ordered from other sites and wasn't pleased. When i first ordered from this site I was kinda skeptical but I just got my order in and I am amazed..Every scent smells like the actual scent. This is by far the best oils I have ever smelled. You forever have my Bizness..Kudos



Good morning from Atlanta! Hello my name is Vard and I just wanted to take this time to applaud your company for delivering some of the best oils I have ever had.  Your prices are absolutely "insane".  For years i have been getting overcharged at flea markets and malls buying oils without any type of discount.  I just wanted you to know that someone in Atlanta appreciates your company more than you know. My own Mother can't wait to place an order! Listen you guys & gals at thecommonscents.com keep on doing what you're doing cause you have just made me a dedicated customer.  Oh , by the way your shipping and packing was excellent.  Thanks again!! Have a great year!

Vard M.


I have ordered from your company before and have found that the oils I bought were EXACTLY the same as the perfumes I have been missing and am truly excited to buy more!


Got my first oil order from you guys, WOW!!! This stuff is awesome!!!! I'm putting together a new order this week and have told two of my friends who are ordering with me. I will continue to spread the word. Great stuff!! Thanks so much!!

Keith M.


You are AWESOME!!!!! It is so refreshing to receive this level of customer care! I have already printed off a list of your oils and hopefully this is just the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship for us both. I am hoping to use some of your oils and make homemade lotions and sprays to give  and sell as gifts. I will be ordering again in about a week. Also if there is a fragrance that you don’t currently carry is there a place to make suggestions of new scents? Thank you so much for your speedy response in getting this issue resolved for me again.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Carrie M.

I was a bit skeptical to order Green Irish Tweed [type] because it's a $350 bottle of cologne that I wear. Creed doesn't make an oil for it and someone told me about this sight. So I ordered it came quick and when I opened the bottle and took a whiff I was like WOW!!! This is a dead ringer!! I love it so I ordered more stuff!!!!

Mario T.

I recently ordered the body oil fragrances from you..and WOW! Not only did they come very quickly--but they were wonderful. They smell exactly like the perfumes, and are just lovely. Thank you. I will be ordering again.

Sharon W.


I just love my order! the scents match the designer originals and they stay on so long. I am very impressed with the speed of my order as well. I will be ordering again soon, thank you.

Joann G.


Wow! Just ordered the Sun & Sand (type) burning oil and wax and let me tell you, I am super impressed. It smells exactly the same as I remember.I also got Marc Jacobs Honey (type) and Dot (type) perfumes. Wearing Honey (type) this morning and I smell like a million bucks.  Please let me know when you have Modern Muse by Estee Lauder (type) available.  



I am SO, impressed with your customer service!!  I am practically blown away! The young woman who took my order than checked the warehouse to see if a back order was in stock was impressive enough. When I got home today there was a message explaining that my order was shipped separately but I should get them both at the same time. Well she certainty deserves the employee of the month as far as I am concerned!! I order many things on the net and deal with many CS depts.,I have never been treated with such professionalism, dignity and honesty by any other company with the exception of yours. Both your CS reps and "you" the owners should be VERY proud of this. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU from a very satisfied customer!! Sincerely yours Richard Chillemi

Richaed C.


I received my shipment today of my oils. I must say that I am impressed!  The package that I received was so secure that I received all of my bottles in pristine condition.  I opened up one of the bottles to take my first whiff of my favorite fragrance ( Tom Ford Black Orchid) and to my surprise it  smelled strikingly identical to the original.  I am also very appreciative of the fast delivery time and amazing customer service . You have a client for life.

Brittney T.


First let me begin by saying that I am a very picky individual when it comes to fragrances in general. Secondly, I am thoroughly impressed with your products with the exception of the incense, but this is simply due to a burned smell not quite the enhancer for the fragrances that I purchased. That aside, your other products are an impossible bargain. I did not expect the quality of your Roll-on Pure Oil to be so superior. At an impressive 3.99 for 1 oz of the Euphoria (Calvin Klein-W) nearly identical in its high note as well as base note scents, I’m completely baffled as to how you keep your prices so low!!!  As I only received my package less than 3 hours ago I wasted no time in my application of this product before I left my home.  After 3 years of buying from Sephora, I think I have spent my last dollars there thanks to your high quality products. I am just as pleased with your lavender pure oil. I have already used it in a spray bottle for my car. I could not wait to express my gratitude and pledge my allegiance to this company hahah. As a final note in regards to your range of scented products from body oils to shampoos and dryer sheets, I must say, you have capitalized on all the needs of a fragrance fanatic such as myself. Consider me a new and fully committed customer!

Christan ‘airwalk’ W.

Thank you so much for sending out this order.  I truly appreciate the way you run your business.  If things go wrong, you take care of it promptly.  I have never had that kind of a response from any other company.  I hope that you let out company information as this is a customer order.  Thanks again for excellent service and polite and prompt response.



Ok so, got my order today in RECORD time....VERY VERY impressed with the packaging and how fast i got them.....They smell SO GOOD.....really thats an understatment..AND DID I MENTION THE FAST DELIVERY....Oxygen......I forgot how much i loved that perfume..they all smell so GOOD...was so excited when i got them that eventhough i was about to go jogging i put all of the fragrances on..LOL...as the wind was blowing i could smell the scents and eventhough i was drenched from jogging....THE SCENT WAS STILL THERE......(GASP)......u ALL HAVE EARNED A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!! And a special Thank You to MILAN for the safe and secure packing.........hmmm can i request Milan for future orders??? lol lol......THANK U SO SO MUCH #placinganotherorderthursdaymorning



I placed my order and within 3/4 days it arrived. I was skeptical about ordering perfume online but I was very pleased how original they smelt. The price is great and now I smell like a million bucks!! Great Job! Will order from you from now on!



Hello Jamie, I couldn’t ask for any finer service than what The Common Scents provides!
I am going to order 16 ounces of each of these oils I ordered, that’s why I only ordered the 2 oz for testing.  Fine candle, bath and body oils at a super price!
Look forward to doing business with you again.

Barry C.


I have just received my first shipment AND I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this company!! I received my order very quickly and the smells... I can't believe how close they match my favorite fragrances!!! I will most certainly be ordering A LOT more and SOON!! I will also be sitting them out in my salon so ladies can sample!!! THANK YOU!!



I'm writing today to say, "Thanks" for the fast shipping! Also, the product's were carefully package through transit and the quality of the oil's are "Amazing"! I look very forward to doing business with you again!



It's my first time ordering from here and I just wanted to say that I am very happy with my order. I was waiting very anxiously for the mail today, and when I finally got my order I was speechless, and my nose was very pleased. From the fast shipping, perfect packaging(shout out to Justin and the rest of the staff), to the amazing oils. The Common Scents = FANTASTIC!  



I love your products. I have been wearing cologne for 40 years. I finally have found a company that the scent stays with you all day. You have my business. I place a big order about once a year for the discount, but better yet,the products are fantastic!!!!



I am so pleased with your product. I had found a new favorite perfume in a store and purchased it. Id get compliments but as the day wore on i couldnt hold the scent. I found the oil on your site last year and I swear if one more person, man or woman, compliments me on my scent I'm going to scream!Well not really :) I smile ear to ear bc Ive never been able to hold a scent for very long and using your oil along with a spritz of the perfume lasts me ALL DAY! I can even smell it in my skin after I shower! Its crazy how pure and uncut your oils are & its great how well you matched your oil to the designer scent! I'm buying a bigger bottle this time so it can last me through the winter. Id hate to run out since the shipping isnt cheap and Id be forced to buy more so Im happy to give your fragrance a big thumbs up!



I have been a customer of yours since 2008 and have not been disappointed with your product or service at all. When asked what "I wear" I proudly respond "Egyptian Musk from Common Scents.com"  The serious one's always jot down your email address. Thank you for your product and service, you have a customer for life.



"OMG" I've found my home base fragrance oil supplier!!! The very best body oil wholesaler around! I've searched high and low and there is no one and I mean no one who can beat your wholesale prices and not to mention the fragrance types are dead on the money too! Customer service support rated in my book #1 why: 1. Very punctual and fast with responding, 2. Very knowledgeable about their product (you'd be surprised how some aren't), 3. Very compansionate and patient.  Thank you to The Common Scents, Inc.

H.M.Taylor, Jr


I just received my order by Fed-ex, and talk about impressed!!!! I have to admit, it exceeded my expectations, and thank you so much for promptness in filling my order and shipping to me. I am a #1 fan! Thanks!



I wanted to commend you and your company for providing such excellent customer service. I was in such dire straits to get this order by this weekend so that I could supply my customer in Florida within a certain time frame. You worked it out for me and I am truly grateful to you both. You have great quality products and I am so glad I found your company. You have a long term customer. Thanks a million!!


In reference to my order I received today which was filled by Kira, I must say that I am extremely pleased and satisfied of your products and your service is outstanding. I will be doing business with you for a long time to come now that I finally found a very reptable company as yours. I told my family and friends about your company and they will be placing their orders as well. I printed out the entire fragrance list for my wife so she could see the different fragrances you have. Needless to say, she got very excited because she has never seen where one company has such a large variety to choose from and yes I will be placing another order as soon as she figures out which ones she wants. Once again, thank you very much, 100% satisfied!



I just received my order today and I am very pleased with my product. In the future, I will continue to purchase from your company! The Bond no 9 Wall Street is very close to the original and I can't wait to try Little Italy. Whatever you do, please don't stop making these two oils because they are my favorite and very difficult to find elsewhere. Let me know when you have the entire Bond no 9 oils especially, The Hamptons. Thank you for such professional service, I will be sure to tell everyone about Thecommonscents!!



Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Todd and Jeremy (they filled out my order). I am AMAZED at how good the samples I received smell. I ordered samples for my first order because I just wanted to get a feel of what is to be expected on larger orders, and let me tell you this, your products are amazing. They all smell so great, I got some of the samples in perfumes I already own to compare them to...and I am shocked. Your formula is amazing and I just wanted to give you guys a huge thank you. I will be a repeat customer in the near future and def around the holidays. Thank you again and have a great day. :D



This is the first time I've ordered from this company and the merchandise arrived quickly. Also the oils smelled exactly the same as advertised. I will definitely be ordering from only you in the future.



Thank you for my recent order that arrived today. This was my very first order. I am very pleased and was very impressed with the accuracy in ordering online through your company and the email updates regarding my order confirmation and shipping information. I am a big fan of scented oils and I got just what I had been looking for. I was also very pleased with the speed in which I received my order and the packaging. I also registered to be a new member so that I can receive emails from The Common Scents, LLCs catalog and updates. I look forward to ordering more products (especially oils) from The Common Scents, LLC in the near future. Sincerely,

JoAnn Y.

"Your new version of Ange ou Demon Type perfume is so close to the original that I can not tell the difference and I am a very picky person when it comes to scents. Now I can indulge myself with this wonderful fragrances and make my own perfume, lotion and bath products at a fraction of the cost. You will definatly be getting a lot more business from this happy new customer! Try this version of "Ange ou Demon" Type NOW!"



Hello Common Scents! I just received my order...AND YOUR OILS SMELL FABULOUS!! I accidentally ordered a roll-on bottle - IT IS HUGE!! I will be ordering the roll-on bottles from now on! I am your customer for LIFE!!!

Stephanie J.


Just got my shipment in the mail. I ordered 5 different fragrance oils. All I can say is WOW! My selections smell just like (if not even better than) the real thing. I am sooo pleased. Thank you so much. I will be back to order more.

Cheri H.


I would like to thank all the people who helped send these wonderful products. i was very pleased with the results and comments, so in turn, i present to you all positive feedback for your assistance. thank you very much. Keep up the excellent work!

Keelan H.


I'm a perfume junkie so I have some good expensive Perfumes. I ordered 5 oils of perfumes I already had and wow your oils smell exactly like the real deal at a fraction of the cost. Very Impressive.

Christy H.


I received my order from you today, White Musk like the body shop, and I just want to thank you for the beautiful fragrance. I have never smelt the fragrance before but this is really nice. It arrived fast. Thanks again I will be ordering from you again.



My order just arrived today. The shipping was very fast and I am impressed by the great packaging. The reviews I read on your site are so right! The scents are so true to the real fragrances. There are no "funny" overtones to the scents, and they smell so wonderful. I will be ordering from you again. May God bless your business!

Jacque J.


I just want to send a Thank you for the wonderful service that I have received from your company. I placed an order on Thursday, and I received my package on Monday when I arrived from work. I am so amazed with the prompt service along with the quality assurance of the persons name that checks the product(s). I also am surprised with how big the 1 oz roll on bottle actually comes. I can go on and on about how thankful I am.

LaTashia F.  


Thank you so much for the fast shipping. I really needed these oils quick because the different oils are for several different people. Gotta keep them happy. You guys do such a good job down there. I would love to write a testimonial. I actually just got my job back from November but selling oils and perfumes, body washes and lotions got me by for 3 months. Would NOT order oil from anyone else except you and Madina. But yours are still better than Madina. I just go with them when I need to order cases of Perfume atomizers. THANKS -



I had to write and tell you how much I love, love my fragrance oils from you. I purchased a few from others recently but your are by far the best, best, best. I look forward to ordering more in the future. All the best.



Hi, I ordered the Lite Blue and want to thank you! It is totally right on! Great oil! I will be back! 

Laurie A.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful oils. I have not been able to find oils like these at a good price for a long time. The fragrance is true to the orginals and shipping was fast! T

Toma H.


I am really impressed with how fast i received my order. i am telling all my friends about your website. i love love love the oils.thank you so much .you have a customer for life.  I received your product today. I am very much impressed by the purity of your product. I will be shopping there again. Thank-you for your excellent quality. 



I just received my body oil. i love it i will be doing more business with you soon and i am telling all my friends about your website. thank you so much the oil smells just like the perfume i wanted to spend 75 dollars on well no more i will be buying your body oils they are the best.  Thanks order arrived this afternoon and we love the oils. 

James S.


I received my fragrances on Friday, and I have to say they are WONDERFUL, (THE BEST I HAVE EVER SMELLED!!) I have been doing home fragrance oils, air fresheners, & body oils for a few years now, and your fragrances have been the very best products that I have had the pleasure of coming across. Thank you so much, and I will be placing another order very soon. 



Dear Scent Sational People, I received your lovely, extraordinarily scent sational package today ! Wow, what a terrific surprise. You've just gained another life time customer ! Thanks so much for the exceptional customer service, and superb scents indeed !



Hi, at customer service I thank you for your outstanding support in reponse to my damage order. I would suggest that maybe in the replacement shipment that the oils are put in a strong box. I believe the postal service reps probably stock pile other items on top and tossed it around to damage the goods in shipment. and yes please put fragile and/or some insurance on these item. once again I truly am greatful for the Common scents sound service and product. I absolutely can't wait to obtain my order. 



Hi! I ordered some fragrance oils a few months ago. Sorry this has taken me so long to tell you how great they are!! My favorite fragrance is Armani's Aqua di Gio. I never wanted to pay the retail price. Good news yours is so close to the real thing its amazing! The oils really last! Thanks for a great product can't wait to order more!!



I have just received my second order from you and must say that I am just as happy!!! Thank You SOOOO much!!!



I just wanted to take a moment to say I have been so happy with your product, your professionalism, and with the swiftness of delivery. I know you hear it all the time..... But it never hurts for the customer to let you know how you are doing..... and I don't believe things could get any better......



I will tell you this, your items smell EXACTLY like the originals! I did business with you via ebay as texasrose2003, and saved your website location for future use! I will NOT be paying big $at the mall for perfumes any more!  Wow THANK YOU ? you all are the BEST! 



Just wannna say thanks for returning my phone call today. I placed my order just now. My wife and I really enjoy the Common Scents products. Keep up the good work. 

Ronnie & Ramona


Thank you for my body oils. I am very pleased with my scents. I?ll be ordering more of them. 



Just want to say I recieved my order and as the last time I am very pleased with the products. I am very pleased with your selections and your scents are absoutley amazing especially the Cherry and Lavender products I have purchased. Thanks for the prompt and speedy shipping also. Best Regards  



Hi, I just received my order of Egyptian Musk oil. The service was very fast, and the scent of your product is very high quality. A very nice concentrated fragrance so I don't have to use a half gallon of it at a time. "2 thumbs up". Thanks! 



I just received my first order from you guys and WOW! your fragrances are very good, comparing your oil to some of the scents that I ordered from other companys, your oil is by far the better of the two. My wife loves them, thank you for doing honest buisness now days that is truly hard to find.